Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saia, (Top left), Deja (top right)
Maive (Bottom left), Ethan G (Bottom right)

Look at our amazing calendar artwork.  Don't forget to put your orders in this week.

Afaaf, (Top left), Laura (top right)
Marlon (Bottom left), Ethan C (Bottom right)

Amelia, (Top left), Mayuko (top right)
Saane (Bottom left), Cyrus  (Bottom right)

Sally, (Top left), Meg (top right)
Mei Lin (Bottom left), Hunter (Bottom right)

Connor, (Top left), Katie (top right)
Kaizea (Bottom left), Aarnav (Bottom right)

Ryan, (Top left), Ananya (top right)
Summer (Bottom left), Insiyah (Bottom right)

Kaizea, (Top left), Katie (top right)
Aarnav (Bottom left), Connor (Bottom right)

Sam, (Top left), Emily (top right)
Elise (Bottom left), Rosalie (Bottom right)

Alexia, (Top left), Sissi (top right)
Daniella (Bottom left), Jack (Bottom right)

Daniella, (Top left), Jack (top right)
Sissi (Bottom left), Sam (Bottom right)

Rahul, (Top left), Louis (top right)
Samuel (Bottom left), Rhys (Bottom right)

Maneet, (Top left), Sherman (top right)
Dipshay (Bottom left), Annaliese (Bottom right)

Top Maikale
Fletcher, (Top left), Angelo (top right)
Ben (Bottom left), Luxman (Bottom right)

Aimee, (Top left), Luke (top right)
Dora (Bottom left), Hannah (Bottom right)

Sally, (Top left), Meg (top right)
Mei Lin (Bottom left), Hunter (Bottom right)

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Taylor, (Top left), Michael (top right)
Elva (Bottom left), Ethan D (Bottom right)


  1. Our calendar art is looking astounding room 15!
    Our work is so fascinating this is my favorite calendar art we all have persevered and were creative, connected, self-managing, reflective, flexible and were a little bit curious we had to keep tweaking our art work just a bit yet it was all worth it. Our work is and was so incredible that now even room 18 was inspired and are doing the exact same calendar art as us. Even though all our work is a little similar it is unique in our own way. I believe that we owe Mrs Austen and Mrs Morrow a huge thank you for thinking of such outstanding and euphoric activities for us!