Tuesday, September 5, 2017


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  1. Wow room 15 our tessellation art work is turning out to be so phenomenal! I know it took a lot of time, dedication and patience but we've got there I am really fascinated that everyone in Mrs Morrow's group can identify what they have found challenging and I have seen some astounding work. I found challenging was having an organic and free flowing shapes for my template I had kept having minuscule details which were to difficult to cut out. Also to change and copy the patter to the other side. My friend and I had to start several times yet now it's all worth it. What I had enjoyed the most was actually to trace it down onto the paper because after that I could see my turn out. I also think that we should give a huge thanks to the teachers for giving us such euphoric activities. I am very proud of my work and I know everyone else is too!