Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saia, (Top left), Deja (top right)
Maive (Bottom left), Ethan G (Bottom right)

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Afaaf, (Top left), Laura (top right)
Marlon (Bottom left), Ethan C (Bottom right)

Amelia, (Top left), Mayuko (top right)
Saane (Bottom left), Cyrus  (Bottom right)

Sally, (Top left), Meg (top right)
Mei Lin (Bottom left), Hunter (Bottom right)

Connor, (Top left), Katie (top right)
Kaizea (Bottom left), Aarnav (Bottom right)

Ryan, (Top left), Ananya (top right)
Summer (Bottom left), Insiyah (Bottom right)

Kaizea, (Top left), Katie (top right)
Aarnav (Bottom left), Connor (Bottom right)

Sam, (Top left), Emily (top right)
Elise (Bottom left), Rosalie (Bottom right)

Alexia, (Top left), Sissi (top right)
Daniella (Bottom left), Jack (Bottom right)

Daniella, (Top left), Jack (top right)
Sissi (Bottom left), Sam (Bottom right)

Rahul, (Top left), Louis (top right)
Samuel (Bottom left), Rhys (Bottom right)

Maneet, (Top left), Sherman (top right)
Dipshay (Bottom left), Annaliese (Bottom right)

Top Maikale
Fletcher, (Top left), Angelo (top right)
Ben (Bottom left), Luxman (Bottom right)

Aimee, (Top left), Luke (top right)
Dora (Bottom left), Hannah (Bottom right)

Sally, (Top left), Meg (top right)
Mei Lin (Bottom left), Hunter (Bottom right)

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Taylor, (Top left), Michael (top right)
Elva (Bottom left), Ethan D (Bottom right)

Saturday, August 19, 2017


We are learning to estimate and measure angles. 

An angle measures the amount of turn

Names of Angles

As the Angle Increases, the Name Changes:

types of angle
Type of AngleDescription
Acute Anglean angle that is less than 90°
Right Anglean angle that is 90° exactly
Obtuse Anglean angle that is greater than 90° but
less than 180°
Straight Anglean angle that is 180° exactly
Reflex Anglean angle that is greater than 180°

click here to practise measuring angles

Te Reo