Saturday, August 19, 2017

Te Reo


  1. That was a fantastic job room 15!
    It was a astounding start to the day Amelia, Hunter, Daniella I think Meg were outstanding learners they were clear, efficient and tried really hard. I'm sorry if I missed out one of the leader names anyway, I really enjoy learning Te Reo Mario in class it is so fun. Especially with Paddy I can't believe Mrs Austen also teaches us a little. It was amazing how all of us tried to understand did the actions again didn't mind repeating them and put so much effort into them. I am really looking forward to the other languages we learn and the next Te Reo Mario lessons. Again everyone was fabulous.

    1. maneet it is not Te Reo Mario

    2. Dear Ben and everyone else in room 15,
      I am really sorry that I have spelt a few words wrong.