Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kaizea's speech

Click on this link here to see Kaizea's speech.

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  1. Dear Kaizea,
    Wow I'm astonished me and a few other year five's were at choir so we couldn't see your speech I'm so glad that Mrs Morrow has put your speech on the class site! I really like how you had used such powerful vocabulary you had captivated me with your story i just wanted you to go on and on. I your speech was so amazing that i could picture all of the mishapps in my mind. I also had really enjoyed your sense of humor and when you had added anything funny the whole class would laugh but you had only smiled an tried not to smile well done! From the video I'm a hundred percent sure that you had projected your voice and that everyone could hear you clearly. I think that your speech is one of the best speeches yet! You did a amazing job!