Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Big Aroha CPDS


  1. That was wonderful my whole family enjoyed it everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun i know i was! Everyone was fabulous we have worked so hard to make moves and learn words and it has finally paid off!The video was great i think the whole school owes Miss Werry a big thank you!

    1. That was wonderful!
      My whole family enjoyed it and in the video everyone looks like they are having fun too! I know I was.
      Everyone was miraculous! It was so good to see the school working hard to finish this video off, and our work really paid off! The video was fabulous and I think that the whole school owes Ms Werry a big thank you! -Maneet

      Hi again Maneet,
      every time I have to correct your punctuation or check if your work makes sense.
      I also have to twinge it since it is so mucked (sorry there was no other word.)
      Work on your punctuation and typing skills.

  2. I loved how everyone was enjoying this video!
    It looks just like a professional video, and my mum couldn't believe that we had made it!
    Hats off to Ms Werry, who has spent her time editing this video, and pulling the school together at any free time.
    Also well done to the school for co-operating and enjoying this event. I really think the school did well, including the teachers who tried their best to help us by using their time to help us practice and especially for letting us have as much fun as we needed.
    Thankyou to the whole school to put together this special video, co-operate and spend their time trying to be as perfect as they can.
    I hope this happens more in the year!
    Ananya Lahoty